And - "One Thousand Winks" by Laura J. Marshall

"Man is made from her, and she was made from him."

ALL THINGS DELICATE were made by Him, to be delicate. To flutter in the breeze. To filter the sunlight. To bend beneath the weight of the dew, formed upon it. All things intricate were created by Him, to be intricate, precise, complicated. Fascinating. To require looking, searching, knowing, to understand them. All things sensual were created by Him, to draw the eye, to moisten the tongue, to bring longing to the emotions. To love to hold, to grasp, to take part in. Marriage was His design, and the love that forms it, holds it together, and the longing that brings it together, that replicates husband and wife as the eyes of their children. And the touch that is it, and the laughter that comes from it. Man is made from her, and she was made from him. It is a banner, a million words scrawled upon it. A thousand memories crammed in a jar, stuck in the sand, the ocean washing around it. What God has done is both delicate and intricate. What God has made is smooth and rich, and light and brilliant, its illumination igniting hearts for generations. But as what God has done, as what He intended. As voices of him and her mixed together to form union. A chorus. A chord.

One Thousand Winks by Laura J. Marshall

When Greg Conrad, a man who reminds her of painful memories, asks Samantha Tanner for a date to the annual Valentine’s charity dance, she is resistant. She’s just started looking for love at an online Christian dating site. But, Greg and her online love interest have something in common. Can mixed-truths, hidden secrets, and goat-stealing accusations end up in true love match for Sam? A heart-warming tale of finding love, healing, and laughter again on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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