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"He wrote the poetry that is the love of a man for his wife."

GOD THINKS SO HIGHLY of the family relationship that He sent His Son to become a brother, an uncle, a nephew. He gave Him to parents, Mary and Joseph, to raise and feed and teach. He who designed the husband, who formed the wife, who declared in the beginning, Go forth and multiply, replenish the earth, took on the body He created in order to save the creation He adored.

Romance is God’s idea. He wrote the poetry that is the love of a man for his wife. He formed the womb in woman to conceive and the man to hold hands with her to create in it. Intimacy was His idea, and despite the church’s reluctance to accept it, the healing of men and women from sexual abuse and relationship failure is not less in importance to our loving God. It is private and personal and should remain so, but taken to God, He is as willing and able to cleanse the heart and the mind and mend intimate things as He is of other physical and mental brokenness.

It is not a laughing matter but one which He holds dear to His heart. For as Jesus walked this earth, He loved – family, friends, people. He old jokes, made friendships. He grieved, and for this He gives comfort. He mourned and His Father gave hope. In the face of pending death, He strengthened Himself to do the will of His Father and in the garden, struggled against mental turmoil at a level so many know. Too many.

In Him is life and healing, for the body, for our emotions, for marriages. Give Him your heart, and He will give you His, and His Spirit will come within you and remake you into something new. Something that He’d intended man to be, whole and healthy, beautiful, beloved. Free.

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SAMPLE: From them, from a husband and wife, came our redemption. God planned it this way. He formed the body for this purpose, that a woman would bear the child, that the man would hold hands with her to create it. The entire human body was made to function as it does for childbearing, and for the joys of living. We eat because God desired it. We run and climb because He wished us to do so. He wished us to have relationships, businesses, prosperity from the work of our hands. We are meant to create, to paint and sing and dance with amazing fluidity.

The Way To A Man's Heart
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Liberty Unick grew up in Orangevale, the chubby girl kids made fun of. Though she's still not thin, she's turned her love of sweets into a prosperous bakery. The people who used to call her names now put their money into her pockets.

Eric Spader bought the Orangevale Nursing Home, sight unseen, wanting to help others and find his purpose in life. He's never quite gotten over his divorce two years ago. Maybe with this new venture, he can make a home and finally move on.

A happy circumstance brings him to Liberty's door, and an instant friendship blossoms. She's sweet and fun and a fabulous cook. Yet the closer they become, the more insecure it seems she is. When what matters the most is on the inside, where the chef at the bakery is fast becoming the best part of starting over.

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Suzanne D. Williams, Author