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Caia Maceo’s life changed the day Toby Kemp walked into it. He’s different from other boys, silent, secretive. But, their feelings for each other growing, she finds out there’s a reason he acts that way. He’s lived through something no teen should have to face. He’s seen hell and survived. Yet, it isn’t his vision of hell that makes her question their relationship, but an unexpected view of heaven.

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The Underground (Superhuman)
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We are to set an example for the younger generation. It wasn’t until I reached age 50 that I fully appreciated this. My daughter is an adult now, making her own choices. Something about hearing her refer to “teenagers” set this in my thinking. Wasn’t she one just the other day? Wasn’t I?

Things have changed, they say. What goes today is different than what was acceptable in your youth.

Here’s where I make an adult cliché and you groan. No, it isn’t. The Word of God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Things like honor, purity, and holiness will never go out of date. The fruit of the Spirit of God – love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control – are as viable and outside of any manmade laws as they ever were.

But it is up to “us adults” to teach the younger generation what is right and what is wrong. Even greater than that, it is up to us who have survived to teach kids who are still struggling with life’s decisions, who have been thrown in the midst of a world of chaos, a world that Jesus Christ delivered them from, that they can survive, like we did. We must show them WHO HE IS and how great and awesome He has made them to be, that they can go on to live beautiful, successful lives.

We must teach them God desires to speak with them every single day, that He is there for all their choices, no matter how hard they are. We show them in our lives how to speak right, behave right, and follow after Christ. We walk in the Spirit, we deny the lusts of the flesh, so they can see it our lives.

My greatest heroes are my parents. It took me until 50 to appreciate that, too. Without their love and care for me, without the truth of the gospel they poured into my life being forefront in my thinking, when I hit rock bottom, I would have had nothing to cling to. Let’s rise up as adults and be what they need to lean on. Let’s fully “imitate Christ.”

Suzanne D. Williams, Author