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Imperfect Cowboy
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He had no right to be happy with someone else, someone innocent and sweet, a woman full of love for two little girls whose parents were miles away, a woman who made his pulse race, his palms sweat. His heart longed for the dream he’d given up, the one where he held the love of his life in his arms with no other thought but her.

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Don’t dilute the gospel. Don’t water-down grace. Don’t take Christ and make Him less. Don’t take the work on the cross and carve it up to decorate your table. Don’t wash the blood away and pretend it didn’t stain. Don’t stand by the tomb and consider it “just” a pretty place for pictures.

This is the work of redemption. This is God with a plan He began thousands of years ago. This is perfect timing by the omnipotent Holy Spirit in a strategic place.

That stable wasn’t on accident. That manger wasn’t “just” there. Mary wasn’t a girl selected from a dozen others, and Joseph “just” happened to be willing to put up with her. Oh no, this was prophesied from the beginning. Back when when was not really much except two people who’d made a huge, life-changing mistake. Back before Noah. Back before Abraham.

This story is written on every, single God-inspired page. Here is the truth prepared beforehand and exercised at the exact moment when it needed to happen.

Peter was chosen in spite of being loud and angry and vocal. Matthew was chosen although he used to rip people off. And Judas, was selected knowing he would do what he did. The Messiah walked and healed and saved and revealed the kingdom of God. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, barbarian and free, male and female. All are accepted in Him.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author