Play It For Me - A Love Note

Play It For Me (The Italian Series)
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Niccolo seated himself, the old posture of a thousand songs fitting the cello into place. Natural, comfortable and at ease, the notes he began drew from a place deep in his soul where God had placed them, where God had saved them for here, for her, for this place, this moment in time.

They were Kati rewritten. Kati standing before him, love on her face. Kati, who understood where the music worked in him. They were the pair of them reunited, the harmony of him and her spoken without words.

They were his love for her strung on his bow for the entire room to see.


The love of a man for a woman has been cheapened by politics, by woke culture, by religion, by the lust and pride of men. God put Adam with Eve. God said Adam needed a female lover. God created the marriage covenant. He said a man would cleave to His wife and their love would conceive children. All that the human body is and does is God's perfect design. He then sent His Son to earth and compared His love to the love of a man for His wife.

“Husbands, go all out in your love for your wives, exactly as Christ did for the church—a love marked by giving, not getting. Christ’s love makes the church whole. His words evoke her beauty. Everything he does and says is designed to bring the best out of her, dressing her in dazzling white silk, radiant with holiness. And that is how husbands ought to love their wives.” (Eph 5:25-28 MSG)

As big as God is, as wide, as tall, as deep as His love runs for mankind, as hungry as He was to redeem mankind, so much so that He’d die a criminal’s death, to that extent does a husband love His wife, that much does a wife adore her husband.

Men have cheapened love. They have soiled the beauty of the intimacy God created between a man and his wife, that moment when he joins with her because they must be they. Love is not God’s idea. It’s not a concept He came up with. It is WHO HE IS. He IS LOVE, the very SOURCE of it. You can dig no deeper to find it and having dug will find it pure and holy, the finest gold, able to withstand any fire or rain or storm. Because He IS it.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author