Nothing Is Further From The Truth ~ Tattooed

A handsome rockstar, a lot of tattoos, a God who’s bigger than he ever knew.

All the money and fame rock drummer Holden Lang possesses cannot fix his broken heart, nor the crippling disaster his body has become. He’s washed up, through playing, and in for a long road to recovery. Charity Caswell’s appearance at the side of his hospital bed is a gift. She’s willing to marry him and take on his care, no feelings involved.

Why didn’t she believe God could mend her broken heart? Charity ran from home after her fiancé cheated on her, so striking a business deal with Holden is the best way to never hurt again. She’ll pose as his wife and save his reputation. He’ll get the physical help he needs.

Except the God she serves has bigger plans for both of them, and a startling pathway to get there. If they’ll open their eyes, step out in faith, and believe.


I've had the occasion recently to doubt God’s desire to heal. Maybe I’m meant to endure this. Maybe I’ll learn something from it. For one moment in time, deceived by the enemy, I thought God was just being God, and it was good for me.


Time and time again, across the gospels, Jesus healed the sick. No sickness or disease, no illness or incapacity was exempted from His healing work. He healed all ages, the young and the old. He healed all cultures. Multitudes crowded around Him, seeking to touch the hem of His garment, and the Scripture says He healed them all. (Lk 6:19) Only when people doubted His willingness to heal was He prevented from doing a miracle. (Mk 6:5)

Jesus came to “destroy the works of the devil” (1Jn 3:8) He has provided abundant life to all who will believe. Though it may look like nothing has changed, though my doubts may spin within, with the stripes laid on His back, Jesus proved Himself as my Healer for all time. Each drop of blood He shed matters. With His death, He bore my griefs and carried our sorrows. (Is 53:5) With His Resurrection, He became complete salvation.

Today and always, Jesus is my Healer.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author