As God Intended - and Happy 4th of July!

WHEN I BEGAN WRITING FICTION, I did not expect to write romance. When I wrote my first romance, I was unprepared for the implications of sex between the male and female main character. I made a conscious decision on that day to never include inappropriate relationship, outside of God’s design for marriage. I did, however, have to face the fact that a man and a woman who are attracted to one another will, under certain lighting, do what has been spoken against in the Word of God. Sex outside of marriage is not a popular subject, but I feel to touch on it here because I have placed all my books before the Holy Spirit as submitted to God.

In listening to music, I have discovered there are Christian artists of many genres, from urban cultures to island styles. God writes a varied hodgepodge of music styles. In this same vein, writers have different styles of writing and different methods of writing. What matters to God is if righteousness is established and repentance is shown. I have always held this to heart. But for repentance to be shown, there must be something the characters are repenting of. How high or low is our standard, though? This is personal to the writer and their perception of God’s voice, and to the reader and what they prefer to read. I am not interested in certain fiction subjects. I learned to write reading the blog of a woman who was big into fantasy books. Her advice was instrumental to me, but I never read one thing she enjoyed.

I say all of that to place my style of writing and my books once more into the Spirit’s hands. He has no problem with them. I have no problem removing them from sale. I am nothing without His love and guidance. I want to be pleasing to God always. So, though some do not like the heavier side of romance, this is sometimes what is required for the plot. The only judgment I seek is, as I have said, God’s. It is a beautiful thing when a man falls in love with a woman, and they give themselves to one another. It is a more beautiful thing when a couple who has had sex outside of marriage, commits to marriage and finds the poetry that God intended.

Here is why we write romance from a Christian perspective.


He Was A Soldier: A Christian Romance

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How deep did they go to heal the pain? How far did they stretch their new friendship? Would they cross a line somewhere and be unable to turn back? Did she care as long as her heart wasn’t aching?

Katy Hansen’s husband died in a roadside bomb while serving in Afghanistan, and the future they’d planned dissolved in an instant. Left with a young son to care for, in the last ten months she’s had to bury her grief and learn to be both mom and dad. Harper Chavez lost his arm in the same bomb blast and carries the mental pain of it everywhere he goes, but his personal issues won’t let him forget the last thing his buddy asked him to do – take his wife, Katy, a note penned the night before his death. Yet this one simple mission, one hour of their time, changes everything they thought they knew. She isn’t as alone as she thought; he’s much stronger than he realized; and together, there’s power in forgiveness, and maybe, love in moving on.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author