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A Kiss In September
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"It all began with a little white lie."

This book was not received well, and that surprised me. Still surprises me. Okay, I get it in part. No one should want to see their teenagers caught in a delicate situation. But then, that was the point, that he and her made do, and it altered everything. As always, Christ is center of my writing. Though the plot may take my pen in a new direction, it always circles back around to godliness and truth. But people read with their emotions, many of these people in young adult novels being adults. A parent is always the judge for their minor child’s reading. My heart is transparent on this. God does not take issue with it or I wouldn’t sell it.

I have another YA romance that, in a similar manner, did not go over, and so I tried re-releasing it, to no avail. I finally realized, as above, that I simply need to present it to God and move on. So if you’re curiosity is abounding now, also check out “Good Girl Jayne.”


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Jayne Allhorn’s life is falling apart. She wrecked her car, broke her cell phone, and lost her job. But the biggest problem of all is her parent’s divorce. They’re so caught up in their troubles with each other that they’ve forgotten she exists. She’ll fix that. Stealing her mom’s credit card, she gives into her anger and sets out to become someone else. She’ll shave her head, get a tattoo, have her lip pierced. There is no more good girl Jayne.

Lauden Gould moved back to town, unable to deal with his dad’s infidelity. This time what his father’s done hit him personally. Running into Jayne, the cute girl from high school, refocuses his life, and helping her deal with her broken family proves to be the perfect way to forget his own. Yet, the more time goes on, the more people’s positive opinions of him simply don’t fit. He simply isn’t the good guy they think he is.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author