Except Jesus Did

Rise of the Sun

IF ANY MAN can come to God and be saved, if they can confess Jesus as Savior and Lord regardless of age, culture, upbringing, nationality, social status, appearance, clothing, finances, or any other thing, and God loves them and becomes their Father, then why when they walk into the church building are we so judgmental? We fear the taint of sin and so justify our condemnation, because that’s what it is, as if what that person has experienced is catching, and we’re all going to be infected. I have heard of people escorted out of a church building because they were the wrong ethnicity, and frankly, that is disgusting. I have seen people avoided because of their sexuality. Those in the church have refused to be patient and understanding with those who are mentally ill.

There is no place for this in us. None. Jesus ate with sinners and was condemned for it. Those same men hung Him on the cross, but do you know He died for them anyway? And it isn’t recorded, but I’m betting some of them found Him as their Savior and learned the truth. I know Jesus, while hanging on the cross, forgave a thief, who was legally convicted, and He didn’t require any obeisance from him in order to go to Paradise. That was why He came, to forgive us because we were so lost there was no other way for us to be saved. He died, as Paul said, for those who were not deserving. Some many die for those who are their friends, but for a sinner? Hardly.

Except Jesus did. We must follow His example. He who forgave us, who still forgives any who comes to Him and hears all who call upon Him, begs of us to do better. He asks us to walk in the love of God toward all men, to pray for all men, and to bless our enemies as the Scripture says. A minister I listen to frequently prays blessings over his harshest critics. How much this moves me. What if my prayer for them made the difference? What if when we all get to heaven, there’s that one person who says, “You’re the reason I’m here.” It will be worth it then, and all these petty things we place between us and others, forgotten.

Jesus loves you, and so do I. Anyone who needs prayer can reply to these emails and I will pray. That’s a promise.


Rise of the Sun
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From Book 1:
A secret organization seeks to control the future. Cyborg 653’s task is to protect an aged priest, whose life is at risk. But his emotionless, machine-like existence changes the minute he meets human, Lexie Hollis.

Feelings he’s never needed begin to form and with them comes knowledge. She encourages him to think on his own, form opinions, and most of all fall in love. With her. But what begins as something full of promise soon becomes a dangerous game that just might silence him and all of his kind … forever.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author