Forever With The King

I WILL FOREVER BE THE DAUGHTER of Wayne and Becky Combee. They are my parents, and the genetic relationship we have cannot be undone. Jesus of Nazareth will forever be the son of Mary. His body was formed in her womb when the Holy Spirit overshadowed her. From that first combination of cells, He began to develop and grow until one night in Bethlehem, the City of David, He was born.

Jesus is God with us because He is now God in us. He is God in me. But we are not two separate individuals anymore. Just as I cannot stop being related to my parents, I cannot stop being a child of God. When I accepted Him into my heart, when I confessed Him as Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit came to live in me and what I was as Suzanne D. Williams became entirely new. Not remodeled or refinished nor even redesigned but a whole new being.

I cannot be separated from God's life. It is His Holy Spirit which lives in me, and He will never leave me nor forsake me. We are forever united, forever friends. He is forever my Comforter. Jesus is forever with me. And as long as I surrender to the Truth He’s placed in me, this new me He’s created will flourish and mature from glory to glory, ever changing, ever strengthening.

That newborn has potential, so much possibility, which can’t be seen in those first precious moments. But who he is as a human has been written in cement. Who I am with Christ in my heart is written in the Word of God, which is planted in me, and the Word of God is unalterable. Who I will be as I grow up is more than I could ask or think because God has His plan for my life held secure in His faithful hand.


“Stop. I’m just … just Laurie Gray.” No one should bow to her. She drove a four-door compact like half the city. She lived in a townhouse identical to all six of her neighbors’ places. She worked in a cubicle in a sea of other cubicles at Atkin & Sons.

“Oh, no, miss,” the old woman said, her face still toward the floor. “You are the prince’s bride, soon to be the queen.”

Laurie Gray and Skelley Black don’t get along. Co-workers at the firm, Atkins & Sons, they frequently butt heads, and usually loud enough that everyone can hear it.

When Skelley saddles Laurie with his most difficult client, their contest of wills reaches its peak. Two people with such determination can’t continue to operate together. One of them has to win, no matter how underhanded they have to act to accomplish it.

Yet, the miracle of Christmas has other plans for their lives, romance and a lesson they should learn. In a series of odd dreams, the woman who’d like to claw his eyes out becomes a favored princess, and the man, who hates everyone, is the king.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author