World Chocolate Day (And Jordan)

Give Me Chocolate (And Jordan)

“Go ahead,” I said calmly. “Yell at me. Once again, all I remember is Jordan. Oh, yeah, and I remembered where I kept the chocolate, too. Only now, I think I’ll share it rather than eat it all myself or do you have a problem with that?”

His reply came out a sort of hissing growl. “You cannot like my best friend.”

Only one thing appeals to Sedona Keyes as much as chocolate – Jordan Merritt, her brother’s best friend. But her brother is against it, so in favor of family peace, she sets her feelings aside.

When a horrible car accident robs her of her memory, Jordan becomes the only person she’s sure of. She loves him, and he loves her. But what they have might not survive her brother’s continued hostility or the time and doubt steadily tearing their love apart.

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Suzanne D. Williams, Author