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WHEN GOD SENT HIS SON TO EARTH, He didn't alter His design. He sent Him as an infant born to a mother and a father, who had left their father and mother and made a marriage covenant. Instead of a conqueror, He first sent a baby. A child.

He created the Jewish people by giving a son to a man and woman who were well past bearing years. He promised Abram He would be a father with an ancestry more than the stars in the sky. The psalm says He calls all the stars by name.

Here, again, we have the promise of children to bless the entire world because from them would come King David, the youngest child of his family, and from David, the King of all Kings. A child would be born who would save the world because of the fathers and mothers who preceded Him.

Our Redeemer, the Christ, is a Son, a brother, a bridegroom, and through His Father, a Father Himself.

Nothing God set up in Genesis, at the beginning of time, has been altered. Nothing has faded away. Nothing is of less value or out-of-date. God designed a man and a woman to cleave to each other and multiply mankind, made in His image.

God designed children, fathers, and mothers, then He became what He'd created, and used death brought into the world by sin, to defeat death and sin entirely. He created the family to make a family who loved Him with all their heart, all their mind, and all their soul.

I am blessed to have wonderful earthly parents who I adore and a loving heavenly Father, who designed parenthood so that the joy of the next generation is ours. And it is ours. We must steward it well and pour into today's youth the values our Savior died and rose again for, so that when we're gone, they will stand courageous in our footsteps.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author