The Best of Us

Includes Book 1 (Rise of the Sun) and Book 2 (Spawn)

There's a lot of spawn in the frog pond, tadpoles swimming up and down for air. One's as viable as another. No big loss if a few don't make it. With frogs that is.

Children are a precious resource, a bountiful source of joy, an endless blessing, and infants, the newborn, the unborn are priceless. You cannot buy and sell human life. What God values are the lives He bid us fill the earth with in Genesis. What He guards the most is innocence.

Our children are not frogs to be mishandled. Exterminated. But gifts from God to fill our days with beauty. When I wrote this series, I touched the heart of God, although in an unusual way. God's heart is for children to be filled with Him, so that they will have long, happy, successful lives, and it is our responsibility to give this dream to them and to foster in their hearts the truth of who He is and what Jesus did for them. We have fallen short in many ways, and yet there is hope. Because God is more than enough to the heal hearts and minds of the best of us. Our kids.

Read "Jesus Loves The Little Children."

Cyborg 852 united with the only female cyborg in existence, 241, without any idea of the consequences of their actions until a human told him. In his machine-like world, she was a curiosity, her structure different from the rest, and his draw to her unexplainable and devoid of emotion.

When his son, the first naturally produced cyborg child, shows up on his doorstep two years later, a series of strange events puts in motion the possible downfall of the Organization that controls all his kind. There will be no more central computer, but instead, the freedom to think, to choose, and decide.

Yet 241s willful self-destruction to bring it to pass is too high a cost. And the possible end to the most valuable part of their existence – the chance to feel love.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author