The Ongoing Resurrection, Easter Reading

The Resurrection was not a one-time event. It did not happen one Sabbath and that was that. Instead, it is ongoing. Every single day we, the children of God, rise and pray and speak God's praises and walk by faith, we live out the testimony of Jesus' Resurrection. He died and was raised from the dead. But He is forever alive, and His neverending power is in us.

"Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it." (Psalms 139:6)

This eternal source of love and life is at the heart of these two series. WINGS was written as YA, but from its inception made adult readers take out their Bibles and read, and that is by far the biggest compliment you can pay me, as author. My heart was to present the truth of our Christian life in an allegorical setting. The power of the gospel and the baptism of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost is as real in us as it is presented symbolically in this series. Books 1 and 2 are available in ebook as a set and in individual paperbacks.

The Resurrectionists was inspired by a series of songs from the band Petra on their 1983 "Not Of This World" album. The stories are set in the 1980s with a few chosen tweaks. Book 1, Graverobber, is continued in Book 2, Shadowland, and is completed in Book 3, Godpleaser. The life of Josiah Crews and His faith in the power of God to raise the dead is not presented carelessly. We are all Resurrectionists through the blood of Jesus Christ.

God bless you this Easter, and Praise to the One who is our Resurrected King.

Books 1 and 2 under one cover. An allegorial look at the gospels and the book of Acts.

Book 1: Called from birth to carry the Light of God into a world filled with Darkness, seventeen-year-old Sara Benedict finds the mission this time has changed. This city, this school, is more about her growth. No longer will she function alone, but she needs Angus Finlay to fulfill the prophecies. Yet there’s something deeper going on behind the scenes, and the harder she tries, the greater the danger seems. Her work of rescue must continue, but this task just might shut off the Light inside her once and for all.

Paperbacks: Book 1 ~ Book 2

Graverobber (The Resurrectionists) Book 1
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He’d raised the dead, Lazarus-style.

Josiah Crews set aside his calling when his wife died. Consumed by grief, he buried his commitment to God and any thought of the lives he might save, determined to live a mundane existence. But when the death of a man in an alley brings the power of God onto the scene, a ripple of unusual events launches him back into service.

Veronica Murray moved to a tiny apartment in the city following a troubling divorce, but her teenage daughter’s behavior combined with their low income has made her life unhappy and stressful. When her neighbor reprimands her daughter, following a particularly bad outing, a friendship forms. Except nothing is what it seems, not why people are dying, nor his reaction to it. Nor how it affects their possible future.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author