A Pair of Re-Releases

Peeping Tomboy
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Savannah Sutherland never thought spying on people could hurt anyone. After all, she never tells what she sees. So what’s a little harmless fun?

But when her nosiness backfires, handsome, football jock, Boston Pitt, steps in to warn her. She’s about to make a big mistake. He’ll protect her, be her alibi, and no one will be the wiser.

Except what begins as a pretend relationship, for appearances only, soon blossoms into something more, something unforeseen circumstances and rash actions might ruin for good.


I have re-released a few of my books that have been off-the-market for one reason or another. This sweet YA was misunderstood by some, not so much in content as in length. When it was originally released, readers, by-and-large, did not understand the premise of a short story.

Nor did they know I am actually a woman of few words. Give me time to write, and I can say what I need to. But approach me in person and I always joke I will answer in five words or less. I spent a great deal of time quibbling about sentences when I write, as well. I take out far more than I put in.

I mentioned this recently, in a previous post, but it bears repeating because the realization came into my life, on a personal level, that we should strive to live every day, every breath, as if the Savior is listening. Ask yourself this ... What if you had a running conversation with Him over every thought you had no matter how small or large or trivial it seems? How would that change your actions?

Bookstore review systems are set up to please a secular market. As Christians, we should use them to encourage and build up and not as places to air our judgment. As the Scripture says, you cannot remove the toothpick from someone's eye with looking past the telephone pole in your own (Mt 7:3). I am as guilty of this as anyone else, but a continual reflection on the words I say, in the last few weeks, has changed me for good.

We have the responsibility to react with the same compassion that Jesus showed. What if we thought like Him and saw His perspective on everything? That would stop us from our griping and complaining, dead in our tracks. If we want to be forgiven for our mistakes, then we should forgive others to an equal measure.

Another Re-Release

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Includes: RISE OF THE SUN (Book 1) and SPAWN (Book 2)

Book 1: A secret organization seeks to control the future. Cyborg 653’s task is to protect an aged priest, whose life is at risk. But his emotionless, machine-like existence changes the minute he meets human, Lexie Hollis.

Feelings he’s never needed begin to form and with them comes knowledge. She encourages him to think on his own, form opinions, and most of all fall in love. With her. But what begins as something full of promise soon becomes a dangerous game that just might silence him and all of his kind … forever.

I have also re-released my cyborg romance pair of books, as a set under one cover. Here's another storyline that readers just didn't get. I think they were expecting one of the more popular sci-fi television series, but truthfully, I have little to no knowledge of those. These books were written strictly from my personal imagination, and were great fun!

God bless you!

Suzanne D. Williams, Author