New Book Cover & God's Heart For Children

She shut the door and stood over Morgan, gazing down at her slumbering form, then slowly sank onto her knees. All she cared about was laying right there and in the other bedroom. Why couldn’t Carol see that? And why couldn’t someone tell her how to take hold of the peace and happiness she’d searched forever to find?

Maybe Chris could. Maybe that was why she had such a need to be near him.

The day Christopher Piel walked into their mixed household to fix the cable, Tansy Marsh’s life changed. Here is a man unlike any she’s ever met – kind, generous, faithful. But people like that can’t possibly exist.

Rejected by her parents and living underneath someone else’s roof, the only love she’s ever known comes from the three foster kids in her care. Yet what begins as attraction, proves to be far greater, and it just could be that the God he believes in is big enough to fix her heart.


I woke up a few days before Easter with a word from the Lord replaying in my heart.

"I deliver babies, not Easter eggs," He said.

Unsure what to do with it and overwhelmed He'd spoke something so powerful to me, I lay there, pondering. (Lk 2:19) In the end, I kept it to myself because I knew He did not want to condemn anyone for their planned Easter festivities. Condemnation is not in Him. (Rm 8:1)

One morning days later, I got in line behind a woman wearing a t-shirt which sponsored foster care, and this short story came into my thinking, and with it, once again, that word from God.

God, the Father, sent God, the Son, to earth as a baby. ON PURPOSE. It was not a last-minute decision but one planned out from before the foundation of the world. (Heb 10:5; 1Pe 1:20) He sent Him to earth to die but also to be raised back to life by the power of the Spirit of God. The death was nothing without the RESURRECTION which followed.

And God's planned gift of abundant life began with a baby.

The most innocent of life, that needed a mother's and father's care to grow to adulthood, was the promised Messiah. This cannot be stated enough. Here is the Father's heart for children, and in the work of the cross and the defeat of the enemy through His Resurrection, we see His love and forgiveness and healing for all of mankind. No one is excepted. No sin is too great.

His love is so much higher and broader and deeper than anything we have done. (Rm 8:38-39) We need only humble ourselves and believe it.

"Jesus called a little child to his side and said to them, 'If you tenderly care for this little child on my behalf, you are tenderly caring for me, you are honoring my Father who sent me. The one who is least important in your eyes is actually the most important one of all.'" (Luke 9:48 TPT2020)

Suzanne D. Williams, Author