A Handsome Irishman for FREE ~ & the Ending of Things

Love & Redemption (The Florida Irish) Book 1  

Michael O’Fallen simply wants to survive. A poor Irish boy living in post-Civil War New York, the events of one horrible night send him running far south to unsettled Florida and an uncertain future. Promise-bound to a group of outlaws in an effort to escape his crime, their hidden plans for him loom sinister on the horizon. What is it he’s been brought here to do?

The oldest of her siblings, Anne Sawyer is the one her poor mama depends on. Her papa is harsh and abusive. He drinks too much and gambles away what little they have. Rumors that he’s lost their house come full circle the night the new owner comes to collect.

Except, it seems what her papa gambled this time wasn’t the house at all, but her. Carried into the darkness in a stranger’s grasp, she and he are forced to marry with a gun to their backs. But the many dangers they face in their tenuous marriage soon take second place to the darkness in his past. Darkness that might destroy them unless they look to heaven for love and redemption.


A day later, I'm left with Word documents and 6"x9" book covers. No photoshop files. No formatted copies. No clipart or image files. I laughed. If ever a door had shut, this seemed to be that moment.

I'm okay. Really. But I stare my life in the face. Gone are twenty years of fiction. Just like that. My physical struggle of the last two years has made the past empty and the future full. How much fuller it is now with only a fresh start in my hands?

Am I in denial? Oh, no. God's got this. Me and Him have survived. I've tasted hell and not blinked. Looked the enemy in the eye and said, "So what." Need I point out, I'm still here? The books are gone ... Well, except for all those final copies which miraculously survived. Thank you Draft2Digital.

And my brain still works. I can write more. And God is definitely on my side.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author