Meet Tyson Pyke - Cowboys of the Double R

She was happiness. And cleansing. And this was love. The kind that made his chest ache, his heart pound. A craving never quite satisfied until he’d tasted it again. Wrong or right, how they’d found one another, Aletta was the best part of breathing.

Tyson Pyke emerged from prison a free man. But freedom, he discovered, is hard to maintain. No one wants to hire a cowboy with a felony record. Left destitute, his meals few and far between, he’ll throw himself on the kindness of an old prison buddy who seems to have gotten his life together, Jared Flint at the Double R Ranch.

Aletta Gordon ran from home when she was eighteen, eager to be out from under her mom’s thumb. Years of travel and a string of small-time jobs brought her to Texas, where the weather and the cowboys are a whole lot hotter than her home state of Vermont.

The rash decision to pick up a stranger after work late one night proves to be life-changing. In spite of his spotted past, Tyson is the perfect man to fill her heart. Yet, the unforeseen consequence of their actions and the antagonism of a young cowboy hurtle them toward an uncertain ending. Unless they turn loose of their fears and take hold of God.


I've made the comment, "Give me any three objects and I can write a story about them." I've written many books in this spontaneous manner, scene by scene, content to see where the story takes me. When I started this particular book, with Book 1 under my belt, so to speak, I had only the idea of a hard-edged cowboy who'd been to prison and didn't know how to live.

Perhaps the idea he'd been in prison turns off some readers, but the truth is, we are all with our flaws. It is what we've survived and turned over to God that makes us strong. It is the strength of the Savior who died for all men, for whosoever, no matter what we've done, where we've been, or what has cast us into the dirt, that we can rely on. He suffered so that we don't have to.

His hand is open to redeem, to forgive, anyone who will ask, and whether or not I've seen the inside of a prison or simply been locked inside my house for days at a time, God's love is deeper still, and the freedom He offers through HIs forgiveness eternal and abundant and complete.

I pray you'll take a look at this book and the others in this series. God bless you today.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author