A Mountain, A Field, A Tree - Veteran's Day

It was just a tree at the edge of a wide, grassy field. Just a field at the edge of a mountain. Just a mountain in the midst of a range of others that stretched down from the north. A mountain, a field, a tree that told the story of millenia, of storms and sunshine, of drought and harvest, of good and bad. Of thousands of men who fought and died and decayed. By a tree in a field overlooked by a mountain that whispered their secrets.


He Was A Soldier
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How deep did they go to heal the pain? How far did they stretch their new friendship? Would they cross a line somewhere and be unable to turn back? Did she care as long as her heart wasn’t aching?

Katy Hansen’s husband died in a roadside bomb while serving in Afghanistan, and the future they’d planned dissolved in an instant. Left with a young son to care for, in the last ten months she’s had to bury her grief and learn to be both mom and dad.

Harper Chavez lost his arm in the same bomb blast and carries the mental pain of it everywhere he goes, but his personal issues won’t let him forget the last thing his buddy asked him to do – take his wife, Katy, a note penned the night before his death.

Yet this one simple mission, one hour of their time, changes everything they thought they knew. She isn’t as alone as she thought; he’s much stronger than he realized; and together, there’s power in forgiveness, and maybe, love in moving on.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author