God of All - "God is not against our humanity."

Suzanne D. Williams, Author
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God writes fiction.

God writes romance novels. He writes crime drama. He writes battle scenes.

He not only writes it. He sells it. He promotes it. There are thousands of wonderful Christian authors, traditionally published and self-published, struggling to perfect their craft, and the Spirit of God delights in their creativity.

He, in fact, inspires singers and musicians of all genres of music, artists of any medium, from painters to wood carvers. He is the source of life, the reason things grow and multiply. He designed the tabernacle and the temple, the furniture inside, described how to perform the sacrifice, how to bake the shewbread.

There is no part of society and our daily life, nothing which humans need to learn to do, or which interests them, barring things outside of His holiness, which He will not help men and women to do.

God writes fiction. He designed romance. He made a man to marry a woman, to make love, and to bear children. He adores children. He writes crime drama novels. He is against sin and theft and the work of the enemy which causes crime, but He is for those who work in law enforcement, in godly government, to do their jobs and do them well. He is for good winning over evil. Or have you not read the Book?

God writes battles scenes. He designs them. But notice that when battle was required and when the soldiers, when the leaders, followed His commands, God’s side always won.

God is not against our humanity. He doesn’t have His eyes closed to our pain and suffering. He doesn’t look askance at the darkest elements of our lifestyles. He came to save, to rescue, and He will go wherever the lost sheep are and will do whatever is required to rescue them.

Our part in it, as His children, is wide and varied. On a worldwide since, we can go and preach the gospel, lay hands on the sick and see them recover. We can pray for those who do if we are not so called. We can pray for the government leaders, for the law enforcement. On a more personal level, we can love one another, do good to our enemies and bless those who hate us.

On an individual level, we can buy the book that Christian author wrote, buy the painting done by the Spirit-led artist. We can put our action, our funds, behind them, and even if we don’t read the book or look at the artwork. Even if we dislike the songs after we bought the album, suffer no regret for our time, our money, and our effort.

For this is what Christ did for us. He came to live amongst us to give us the example we must follow. “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)

Suzanne D. Williams, Author